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The formal paradoxes of the early 20th century

I suspect that a common root of these was the use of general logic as an organon. In Kant's critical philosophy, he admonishes against this, warning that will produce monstrous results.

To use logic as an organon is to use it to extend our knowledge. That is done whenever we try to reason from purely general logical principles to existence of any sort. This occurs in the axiom of unrestricted comprehension.

The Inventory Management Game: Bags, Togetherness, and Cultural Techniques

Containment is a candidate for transcendental techniques.

Containers (pockets, bags, boxes, tins, gourds, jugs, cabinets, etc.) are so ubiquitous that very few of us appreciate how revolutionary and indispensable the technology is.



Is there a relation between diagonalization and the incommensurate ratio?

… of the sides of a square to its diagonal Diagonalization only works when the grid is square…


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