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Atomic individuality

Atomic individuality and absolute independence are illusions born of the misapplication of pure reason. An atomic individual with total independence is not a possible object of cognition.

This fantasy (really a “nightmare of reason”) can entertain lifestyle anarchists, ancaps, and neoliberals only because they suppress the necessary context in which humans must come into being.


“Optimizing for efficiency” easily leads to optimizing for the maximum effect attainable with minimum effort. In the absence of a proper critique of the value of the expected effect, this is deleterious! In most cases, we should actually be pursuing a course which rewards greater effort with improved outcomes even (and perhaps especially) when the efficiency ratio of effort to outcomes is reduced.

Programming with Type Discipline

I want to be codifying the design of infrastructure, the deployment of software, and the flow of information with inference figures.

Masquerading as kindness

Some forms of compliance and complicity masquerade as kindness.


Virtual Machines vs. Containers

VMs use an abstraction of machine hardware to run real OSes on the host machine. Containers use an abstractions of an operating systems to run programs in the host operating system.

Pattern matching is in tension with representation independence

Pattern matching is lovely. I’d strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t played with a language supporting pattern matching to do so ASAP. As a matter of fact, skip straight to unification. However, <something about tension with abstraction>.

The very premise of pattern matching is that the surface representation of a structure can be used as an iconic interface to its components. <explain iconic>.

Pattern matching lets us access arbitrarily nested components of data by matching an instance of the data against a schematic form of it, with free variables located at situations where we’d will find the components we want to extract.

This places naive pattern matching in direct opposition to representation independence.

The formal paradoxes of the early 20th century

I suspect that a common root of these was the use of general logic as an organon. In Kant’s critical philosophy, he admonishes against this, warning that will produce monstrous results.

To use logic as an organon is to use it to extend our knowledge. That is done whenever we try to reason from purely general logical principles to existence of any sort. This occurs, for instance, in the axiom of unrestricted comprehension.

We deserve to live well

Humanity as a whole does not seem to believe that it deserves to live well. We must become convinced that we deserve to live well so that we become compelled to form our communities to serve this end.

Wild guesses

  • Girard’s girard11 culminates in a formal theory of transcendental inter-subjectivity.

Analytic sophistry

Bearing being borne

Why can’t a bear be borne?
Because it is unbearable.

Conjugating wants

I wish I wanted what I want to want.



  • [girard11] Jean-Yves Girard, The blind spot : lectures on logic, European Mathematical Society (2011).