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<“What is called thinking” excerpt>

Speculative and Prospective Curricula

Thinking: Logical, Critical, and Programmatic

A simultaneous introduction the basic concepts and practice of logical thinking and computer programming, guided by the aims of critical pedagogy.

Basic enabling analogies

calculation : computability :: communication : unambiguous communicability
  • We help students discover and experience the difficulty of communicating clear, unambiguous instructions.
  • We introduce Turing machines as a solution for this problem.
statement : computation :: concept : constructive & actionable cognition

(the latter in the Kantian sense)

  • Defining computations is a way of constructing concepts.
  • Performing computations is a way of analyzing, or applying concepts.
writing : programming :: wish : organized, repeatable plan of action
  • We help students realize and recognize the ways in which they already write and execute programs.
  • We problematize the political and economic dimensions of this programming, and help them see how the are programmed.
terms : types :: proofs : propositions
  • We show students that untyped computation leads to nonsensical and monstrous executions.
  • We help them see the connection with nonsensical and monstrous actions and outcomes of plans.
  • We introduce natural deduction first (just the very basics).
  • We then introduce programs which exhibit proofs of simple deductions.