Things I hope to make and explore.

In Progress

ND_Project Mobile/web Pedagogical Natural Deduction Game

  • along the lines of the iOS game Euclid
  • teaches principles and techniques of logical reasoning
  • as you master elimination/introduction rules, you expand your abilities
  • as you identify important theorems, you get cuts that expand your powers


Summer: A programming language based on term logic


Natural Deduction Party Game

Possible title: “Unnatural Deductions”


(Just a sketch)

  • Tile placing
    • scrabble:
      • building off each others sequences
      • can lay multiple tiles in a chain of deductions
    • hive
      • The “board” is constructed as tiles are placed
      • can revise the board shape by certain moves
        • (E.g. cuts)
  • Players state axioms
    • Axioms must be allowed by consensus (assumed consent, but a single veto blocks axiom positing)
  • Cuts can be declared
    • clears the board of (some) tiles
    • introduces new theorems
    • How?
      • Special “cut” tiles?
        • Allows for capturing tiles that are cut out
        • Can only add captured tiles to points if you can reintroduce the cut?
  • Win/loss conditions?
    • Immediate victory: Proving Falsum (should be rare)
    • Tile capturing: via cut introduction. And any other means?
  • Different logical systems as expansions
  • The content of the theorems provide “color” (like other party games)
  • Award points based also on amusingness of deduced theorems?