TODO Notes to Process

How to achieve moral, theoretical, and practical continence and harmony?


To derive a more or less general set of precepts regarding how I should act and what choices I should make from the principles and axioms which I hold.

A derivation of this sort has a very foundationalist quality. However, my way of thinking is generally non-foundational (nearly anti-foundationalist) so I will rather let begin mapping connections and relations. Praxis should emerge as a projection thereform.


Currently, I think my praxis can be guide by a principle meaning and a principle technique.

Meaning: Allophilia

I have fixed upon allophilia as a term for the comportment needed to overcome the extractive, oppressive, homoarchichal1 tendencies of our civilization.

Technique: Synechism

Synechism is the means by which the alterity and disconnectedness of being can be woven into a community of shared, con- and di-verging ways of existing.


Synechism entails structuralism

The fundamental connectedness of being demands that discrete existence be understood as a pattern of de-differencing derived from the continuum of relatedness.

  • Structuralism entails constructivism

    Since the being of beings is understood as above, to be a being is to be constructed into (or as part of) a structure.



’Homoarchy’ is a term I fabricated to express the totalitarian essence of most non-anarchic architechtonics of power. It is the antipod of a (radical) heterarchy. In this sense, the system of oppression which leverages homophobia to subjugate via psycho/social/sexual shame is a homoarchy, in that it asserts rule of (and by) a sameness, while vilifying and denigrating otherness.