A Synechepedia

A (sketch|scrap|note)-book recording and sharing connections found in a life educated in connectedness and focused on sharing.

Curious about the name? See below.


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Notes on maintaining and developing whatever this is.

What is a ’Synechepedia’?

’Synechepedia’ is a portmanteau of ’synechism’ and ’encyclopedia’.

relates to learning via a back-formation of encyclopedia. In contemporary usage it indicates a “specialized encyclopedia about the prefix (e.g., ‘Investopedia’) or a general encyclopedia in the structure of the prefix”. In accordance with its Greek root παιδεία, I want the -pedia to also mark a concern for raising up ourselves and each other. Let it relate to learning and education in its most emancipatory and transformative potential.
from συνεχής, meaning “constant, continuous, sustained”, is meant in the Peircean sense employed in synechism, but the connotations of constant and sustained is wellcome.

Whereas an encyclopedia seeks to provide general or encompassing instruction, and a foopedia aims to be an encyclopedia of foo, this synechepedia eschews generality and containment. The synechepedia is meant to serve the cause of emancipatory education (my own, at the very least) through a sustained effort to connect thoughts, clues, quotes, references, and questions which – though always converging towards a more harmonious continuity – have abandoned all hope of achieving completion.


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